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We foster trust by standardising crypto projects
The Tokenization Standards Association (TSA), operating under the brand name BetterTokens, carefully selects projects under clear guidelines. We set up industry standards, ensuring investor protection and helping to fight fraud. Qualified token issuers are identified on Waves DEX with a ticker.
Main areas of activity
Setting up tokenization standards

BetterTokens develops due diligence standards for companies and individuals involved in tokenisation of assets, ensuring proper investor protection and compliance with applicable regulations.

Awarding TSA Qualified Issuer Status

An expert committee assesses token issuers’ projects and awards Qualified Issuer Status to those complying with relevant regulatory requirements. Qualified Issuers are identified on Waves DEX with a ticker.

Outsourcing review of tokens

We cooperate with centralised and decentralised exchanges who are prepared to outsource the assessment of assets applying for listing to a qualified third party.

Engaging financial regulators

BetterTokens runs a work group dedicated to discussing trends, projects and new initiatives in the blockchain industry with regulators worldwide, including Japan, the United States, Switzerland, Malta, Luxembourg, Slovenia and other nations.

Check your eligibility
Any project that is considering applying for Qualified Issuer status will need to consider carefully the information published on the BetterTokens website, specifically the Code of Conduct, Tokenisation Standards and the application form and process description.
Gain a qualified review
During this phase BetterTokens will review the application and submitted documents for compliance with the application process.
If the application does not meet the established requirements it will be discarded with no further consideration, and corresponding notice given to the applicant.
News & Reports
Recently BetterTokens announced the first results of the review process for the month of January.
Feb 20
Report #1
Security Token Offerings
We are ready to summarize the results of the first month of work of BetterTokens.
Feb 18
The UK Cryptoasset Taskforce comprising the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)…
Nov 6
This issue covers regulatory news for September from regulators in jurisdictions that are no…
Oct 5
Report #1
Security Token Offerings
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